About Me

Ski Park City is a website dedicated to my favorite skiing destination. For me, Park City has the perfect combination of convenient access and world-class skiing. But I admit as a permanent of Salt Lake City, I’m a bit biased. Not a lot of skiers can live in a major metropolitan area and still be only a half-hour away from the slopes.

Likewise, we can have a subjective discussion about the relative affordability of a love for skiing and Park City in particular. My friends tell me you can’t swing a cat by its tail without hitting a millionaire in Park City. Okay, but that’s not all of us.

Not that I’m complaining. Not at all. My personal connections, season pass, and especially the ability to go back to my own bed at the end of the day makes it a lot more feasible for me to maintain a regular skiing habit without spending a fortune–or even dealing with the inflated living costs of a ski resort town.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to plan a great ski vacation this year, I strongly suggest you consider putting Park City on your short list. And if you spend more than a couple days in Utah, you’re also allowed to visit Alta and Brighton, too.