Tips on How to Ski Park City in 2018-19

As Park City, and the Wasatch Front in general, continues its ascendancy within the national and international ski culture, the technology, accommodations, and overall experience have become truly world-class. But so have the prices which have consistently crept up over the years—and at a healthy clip. To help combat these rising ski costs, it’s more important and more valuable than ever to do your research on available discounts.

Local residents, including those all along the Wasatch Front, will always have a leg up when it comes to finding the best deals, which often require flexibility and pre-planning. Not to mention the ability to visit the resort several times throughout the season and thus take advantage of season tickets and multi-visit package deals.

Spending the time to do this research and to sniff around for the best options that fit with your ski habit, well, it can feel like a hassle. Nevertheless, it’s usually with the effort. Whether you’re planning to visit Park City Resort, Deer Valley, or some other fabulous ski resort areas in Utah, you can now get a world-class resort experience, while still doing so at a reasonable price.


Combine Passes and Resorts

Without a doubt, the corporatization and consolidation of the ski resort industry has led to major changes—many people would argue both good and bad. One of these big changes has been the ability to buy a pass that is good at multiple resorts and even across state lines. A lot of Coloradoans, for example, come to ski at Park City at least once a year, especially now that the Epic Pass allows them to visit Park City Mountain as well. In truth, this pass includes lift access to resorts across the world including Canada, Australia, and throughout the U.S.


Online Lift Tickets and Trip Planning Discounts

It’s also true that the gap is narrowing between what local residents and out-of-town skiers need to do to get discounted rates on lift tickets especially, but other trip planning costs as well. Perhaps most significantly, new resources are available to help people find quickly find and access these online discounts. Most skiers have heard of Liftopia, for example, but this far from the only way to get online discounts for your ski trip, including lift tickets. We recommend you check out Utah Ski Edge for help planning your next ski trip to Park City, as well as other Utah ski destinations.


New Ski Resources

And these are just a few of the latest developments. There are many resources out there to help you ski more in 2018-19. Do you have your own tip that you’re willing to share with our audience? Do you have concerns or ideas about how to help increase access to Utah skiing in general? Let us know. We’d love to hear them.